Sportsfishing Charters



  • Yank 'em & Crank 'em

    At Spearcrazy, our Custom Sportsfishing Charters are custom fit for every one of our valued charter guests. With years of experience on and in the oceans of the Florida Keys, our Captains are passionate about delivering our guests a top of the line sportsfishing experience, no matter what species you are looking to target. 

  • Custom Sportsfishing Adventures

    Looking for an exciting day on the water on your next trip to the Florida Keys? Our passion charter guides are ready to customize the fishing trip of your dreams! We start our charter process by understanding what you are looking to catch. From there, our Captains devise a plan to give our guests the highest probability of catching the species that they are after in the Florida Keys. Using their local knowledge, our Captains will help you with understanding when to book your charter depending on the species you are after and the time of year that fish species is most abundant in the Keys. Best of all, on the day of your sportsfishing charter, our Captains will be there to assist with every aspect of making your day on the water a memorable adventure for all.

Sportsfishing Charter Types & Information

  • Offshore Sportfishing

    Controlled chaos is the name of the game in offshore fishing in the Florida Keys. During offshore trips, we use sight-fishing techniques to find the species of fish active on any given day. Once we find the target, get ready for an exhillirating high-paced fishing adventure.

    Our Offshore Sportfishing Charters immerse our guests outside the sight of land in search of some of the most exciting gamefish found in the Florida Keys.

    In our offshore adventures our guests troll for Mahi Mahi, Tuna, Sailfish, Marlin and more!

    At Spearcrazy, we build custom Offshore Fishing Charters to meet your Sportsfishing Goals.

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  • Reef & Wreck Fishing

    Looking for an exciting adventure bottom-fishing the reefs and wrecks of the Florida Keys?

    On-board our Reef and Wreck fishing trips, our guests target many of the exciting tropical fish species found in the the Florida Keys.

    Wreck fishing is for the hardcore fisherman. The fish are XL and the action can be awesome.

    Reef fishing is a great way to bend the rods while targeting what can ultimately become dinner. Some of the tastiest fish in the Florida Keys are found on the reefs just off of Marathon.

    Bottom-fish for Snapper, Grouper, Cobia, Kingfish, Amberjack and much more.

    At Spearcrazy, we build custom Reef & Wreck Fishing Charters to meet your Sportsfishing Goals.

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  • Inshore & Gulf Fishing

    Looking to catch some of the exciting gamefish found in the inshore and Gulf waters of the Florida Keys?

    Our Tarpon, Shark and Gulf fishing trips are the perfect excursion for anyone looking to be in the center of the action with some of the most exciting species in the Keys.

    Hunt for Cobia, Mangrove Snapper, Goliath Grouper, Gag Grouper, Tarpon, Sharks and much more within the sight of land!

    At Spearcrazy, we build custom Inshore & Gulf Sportsfishing Charters to meet your Sportsfishing Goals.

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