What should I bring?

Everything for a successful charter is provided with the exception of food, drink, and sunscreen.

What should I wear?

We recommend that you dress appropriately for the tropical Florida Keys weather that our charters take place in. It is important to keep our strong UV rays in mind.

Our captains and mates usually wear a long sleeve U/V resistant shirt and a pair of lightweight shorts or pants depending on the season.

Keep in mind that you are going on a boat where we often use live bait. This sometimes results in wet feet, possibly wet clothes and the distinct possibility of fish blood and fish parts when the catching gets hot.

Can I bring a cooler?

You are welcome to bring a cooler on your charter. However, we have adequate room for drinks and food. Bringing your cooler may take away some of the fishing room on our charter vessel. We are happy to discuss your specific needs to make your charter a success.

How many people can we bring?

Our 25′ Parker carries up to six passengers with up to 4 people fishing at a time.


How long are the trips?

Our 1/2 day trips are 4 hours, our 3/4 day trips are 6 hours, and our Full day trips are 8 hours.

However, we create custom charter solutions for our guest’s private charter and are happy to modify your charter to be shorter or to stay longer if the crew is able.

What’s considered a good tip on charters?

We are committed to your hapiness on your next charter. If we meet or exceed your expecations we gladly accept tips for our service and knowledge and expertise of local marine environments.

A 20% is a great tip!

Is there a bathroom on board?

There is not a dedicated bathroom on board. However we do have accommodations if need be.

Is there a minimum age?

No, we encourage anglers of all ages to come out and fish with us.

If you do have a child under six we recommend you provide a personal life vest for he or she. This ensures a proper fit that you’re comfortable with.

We have quite a bit of fishing grounds near home where we get youngsters on some great fish.