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At Spearcrazy, our local Marathon-raised guides have a combined 60 years of experience as fishermen and watermen on the reefs and bluewater off of the Florida Keys.

Whether you are looking for an inshore fishing excursion or an offshore pelagic spearfishing adventure, our team of Spearcrazy Captains can assist you with every facet of having a blast on the water.

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Captain James Simcic

Captain James Simcic

Spearcrazy is owned and operated by Captain James Simcic of Marathon, Florida.

As an original “Conch”, Captain James is a Marathon native who was practically born in the ocean. His family has worked on the waters around Marathon for three generations.

Captain James’ life was destined to be lived on the water from an early age. As the son of two ocean lovers, James’ life began in the water at a young age surrounded by the tell-tale signs of a life lived off the sea. James’ father is a second generation Fisherman and showed his son the ropes at an early age, initiating James into heavy situations within the water soon after young James had learned to walk.

As Captain James grew older, his passion for the ocean, fishing and everyday waterman activities surged. With this passion came new avenues that James searched to help him express himself more deeply within the ocean.

At the age of eight Captain James shot his first fish, sparking a lifelong passion for the ocean and the exhilarating sports of fishing, freediving and spearfishing.

Captain James provides custom fishing charters with specialization in offshore sportsfishing, inshore spearfishing and fishing and pelagic spearfishing encounters.

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Captain Ace Hunt

Captain Ace was destined to become an ocean enthusiast from the start of his life. After learning to swim at an early age, Captain Ace received his first polespear as a gift from his father for his tenth birthday and a lifelong passion was ignited.

Once he received his first skiff, the freedom of exploring the waters around Marathon shaped him into the waterman that he is today.

Ace is a true all-around waterman. With years of experience in and around the ocean, Ace puts all of his expertise in fishing and spearfishing to create the perfect charter for our guests.

Ace is currently upgrading his license to become a Master Captain!

Captain Ace is a passionate charter guide and is excited to be assist guests on a wide variety of sportsfishing adventures.

Spearguide Caleb Goins

Mate and Spearo-guide Caleb Goins

Our trusted first mate and experienced Spearfishing guide Caleb Goins is an avid spearfisherman and sportsman.

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